Thursday, February 25, 2010

Canada BIG Among Yesterday's Winners

WHAT A GAME!!! It wasn't so much the nail-biter that everyone expected, but it was quite and old-fashioned butt-whooping Canada laid on Russia last night and they came at them hard from the start (and Russia continued to look like they'd been hit by a Mack truck for most of the game and never managed to recover scoring only 3 of the 7 goals they needed to make a "comeback"). Canada was ready for Russia and they looked like that didn't know what hit them ... or in Ovi's own words,

"I think how we start the game it's like small kids and big kids play against each other and big kids dominate," Ovechkin told shortly after it was all over for Russia in these Olympics. "They got the puck deep, used their power and they scored goals. We had to at that time realize and bounce back, but it was pretty hard to when the score is 3-0. It's pretty hard."
But isn't that just like him? His talk is as big as his showboating and then he doesn't have much left for when the team really needs him to pull through (and he's SO one-dimensional) ... which is why seeing what the above picture portrays will NEVER get old for me!!

Here are the results:
  • USA - 2, Switzerland - 0 (RECAP)
  • Canada - 7, Russia - 3 (RECAP)
  • Finland - 2, Czech Republic - 0 (RECAP)
  • Slovakia - 4, Sweden - 3 (RECAP)

Friday's Semifinals schedule (no games today):
3:00 PM - USA (1) VS Finland (4) -- TV: NBC, CTV, V
6:30 PM - Canada (6) VS Slovakia (7) -- TV: CNBC, CTV, V

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