Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finland, Sweden, and Czech Republic Winners at Yesterday's Games

No surprises yesterday as Finland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic were all winners yesterday. I'm anxious to see what it'll look like the further we get into the tournament (all the teams are playing some really great hockey!)!!

I was anxious to see Jagr play, but I didn't get to see much since it was on so late but the Czech Republic did well in general ... I read that Jagr had a goal and played really well especially with how the Slovakians were checking him into the boards left and right. As a side note ... another one of my FAVS, Jarkko Ruutu, had a sweet deflection goal in yesterday's game against Belarus that happened to impress the NBC panelists yesterday (he always impresses me and I will always believe he's a much better player than anyone gives him credit for ... his reputation precedes him and the player he is!)!!
Here are the results:
  • Finland - 5, Belarus - 1
  • Sweden - 2, Germany - 0
  • Czech Republic - 3, Slovakia - 1
Today's schedule:
3:00 PM - USA VS Norway
7:30 PM - Switzerland VS Canada
11:55 PM - Slovakia VS Russiasee

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