Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PensTV Olympic Special


  1. when i watched this i thought it was a joke. the set looked like people making a weekly youtube video. and that rick rossi (sorry i forgot his name) doesnt seem like he knows hockey to much. i understand hes american and is showing pride but by keep saying canada has too many stars and russia's not going to do well is a joke. btw with those sideburns i could not take him seriously. regardless i just saw this as a team usa support video and not really looking at the other teams and their strengths.

  2. I agree with Brianne, Rob Rossi is a tool. Isn't he the guy that was hating all over Malkin during his slump?
    How can there be too many stars on a team? I will eat my shirt if the Americans beat Canada for the gold medal and Finland beats the Russians.