Friday, February 19, 2010

Yesterday's Winners: USA, Canada, and Slovakia

I don't know ... I may be wrong in my predictions ... Canada is playing well, but aren't outplaying their opponents by much, and a surprising loss last night for Russia against Slovakia (the picture above pretty much says it all after Ovechkin misses a shootout attempt; LOVE how it looks as though Slovakia is "heckling" him!). I predicted Russia winning the gold, silver for Canada and Sweden with the bronze (USA not medaling), but the way it looks now it may be all over the boards and nothing close to what I had thought. We shall see!!

Here are the results from yesterday:
  • USA - 6, Norway - 1 (Malone with another goal!); RECAP
  • Canada - 3, Switzerland - 2 (SO -- Crosby scored GWG); RECAP
  • Slovakia - 2, Russia - 1; RECAP
Today's schedule:
3:00 PM - Belarus VS Sweden (MSNBC)
7:30 PM - Czech Republic VS Latvia (CNBC)
11:55 PM - Finland VS Germany (MSNBC)

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