Monday, February 22, 2010

More Surprising Wins Yesterday: Russia, USA, Sweden

Russia and Sweden weren't that far of a stretch (although I'm sure no one expected the Swedes to blank the Fins and for it to be a more even matchup), but with the anticipated USA-Canada match-up, everyone was expecting the Canadians to come out on top (shamefully, that includes me too!). All the games were spectacular to watch, but the one with most interest was probably USA vs Canada and there was no disappointment with that as the two teams gave us some of the best hockey we've seen so far in this Olympics (almost like playoff hockey). I think my favorite goals were the first and the last both scored by the USA (Rafalski, Kessler) ... those were exciting!!! Could there be another "Miracle" in the making??? I can't wait to find out!!!

Here are the results from yesterday:

  • Russia - 4, Czech Republic - 2 (Malkin had 2 goals and an assist); RECAP
  • USA - 5, Canada - 3 (Crosby had a goal); RECAP
  • Sweden - 3, Finland - 0; RECAP
Today's schedule:
No games scheduled until Tuesday, February 23rd (Qualification Playoffs)
3:00 PM - Switzerland (8) VS Belarus (9) @ Canada Hockey Place
7:30 PM - Canada (6) VS Germany (11) @ Canada Hockey Place
10:00 PM - Czech Republic (5) VS Latvia (12) @ UBC Thunderbird Arena
12:00 AM - Slovakia (7) VS Norway (10) @ Canada Hockey Place

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